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TYBU - Tune Your Body Up


Client’s (or the Client’s legal representative) confidentiality is always protected. Session’s findings are documented appropriately specific to the Practitioner’s background and setting. Client’s records are secured in such way as to protect privacy and follow professional and legislative regulations. Client’s written permission must be obtained prior to release of/or reporting of any record or information.

Exceptions to above principles:

  • when disclosure of information is required to prevent clear and imminent danger to the client or to others,

  • when there is a clear legal requirement to disclose certain types of information,

  • when records are subpoenaed by a court.


Conflict of Interest

The TYBU - Tune Your Body Up standard is respect for each Client and seeing them only through the eyes of the company service. Personal obligation gain or other conflict of interest is not a part of the TYBU - Tune Your Body Up professional relationship with a Client.

Professional Skills & Knowledge

TYBU - Tune Your Body Up Practitioners provide education, supervision, consultation, coaching, and mentoring services only in areas where they have received education, training, supervised experience, or other study that qualifies them for providing those services. If a Client presents symptoms or conditions beyond the scope of TYBU - Tune Your Body Up practice, he/she will be referred to an appropriate licensed and/or certified professional.

Professional Development

TYBU - Tune Your Body Up Practitioners have personally experienced the methods they offer to others for further informing themselves about the value and power of specific techniques.

TYBU - Tune Your Body Up Practitioners integrate self-care practices to enhance their own physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

Personal & Interpersonal Boundaries

TYBU - Tune Your Body Up Practitioners treat all Clients with respect, courtesy, care, and consideration. The Client’s individuality, beliefs, inherent worth, and dignity are fully respected. Safe, welcoming, supportive, and comfortable environment is provided for the Client.

Ethical Business Practices

TYBU - Tune Your Body Up Practitioners are free from the influence of alcohol, recreational drugs, or prescription medication that would compromise their judgment, actions, or interfere with safe practice for the patient.


Practitioners are physically, emotionally, and mentally capable of providing for the Client’s care and safety during the entire session.

This Code of Conduct for TYBU - Tune Your Body Up Vibrational Tuning Practitioners is intended to provide guidance for professional conduct and it is not intended to be a basis of civil liability. Whether a TYBU Practitioner has violated the Code of Conduct does not by itself determine whether the practitioner is legally liable in a court action.

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