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  • What is Biofield Tuning session like?
    The 75-minute Biofield Tuning session starts with a brief introduction (about 5 minutes) to discuss your goals and set your intentions for the treatment. During the 60-minute tuning, you will lie fully clothed (with shoes off) on a massage table. I will then use an activated tuning fork to gently "scan" your biofield, starting from a distance and slowly working my way closer to your body. I am looking for dissonance in your energy field, as well as listening for changes in the tuning fork's overtones and undertones. When I encounter a turbulent area, I continue to activate the tuning fork and hold it in that specific spot. By referencing a Biofield Anatomy Map, areas of imbalance can be pinpointed to a specific age or type of memory. Your body uses the steady, coherent vibrational frequency of the tuning fork to "tune" itself. In short order, the dissonance resolves, and your body starts to release tension. Holding an activated tuning fork in the area of a traumatic memory or another challenging time period seems to help the body process and integrate these unprocessed experiences. As the biofield dissonance subsides, clients generally report feeling lighter and more relaxed. After the session, around 10 minutes is included for you to integrate the experience. I encourage you to take this time to relax and avoid rushing back into your daily routine. Talking about the experiences or emotions that surfaced during the session can be highly beneficial, as it helps you further integrate the treatment.
  • How might a Vibrational Tuning session benefit me?
    In a session, tuning forks and singing bowls are utilized to identify and resolve areas of resistance or disturbance within your biofield. These energetic knots or accumulations may stem from past traumas or challenging life events. They could also reflect unresolved ancestral or familial patterns inherited through your family line. By addressing these unresolved emotional experiences or inherited patterns, we can mitigate their negative effects on your current physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Essentially, a tuning session can aid in the healing of these patterns, empowering you to embrace more of your true essence - a vibrant being of potential and illumination. Through sound balancing, you can uncover the essence of your authentic self.
  • Wellness for Your Furry Friends?
    Vibrational Tuning is remarkably effective for animals: dogs, cats, horses, and other pets. Animals have the remarkable ability to hear more octaves and tones than humans. They live in the present moment and do not complicate the treatment with 'psychology', 'stories', or 'monkey mind'. Due to this, animals are profoundly affected by sounds and vibrations. In animals, negative behaviors often stem from triggers. Vibrational Tuning can help eliminate these triggers and establish new behavior patterns. While it may take several sessions spread over weeks and months to help an animal let go of unbeneficial behaviors, it is effective. Similar to humans, animals have their own biofield, and any energetic imbalance can manifest as a dis-ease. Vibrational Tuning Sessions restore their proper bioenergetic information. Animals naturally recognize the life force necessary for their healthy existence. They become more relaxed, manage stress better, thus becoming healthier and happier, impacting every aspect of their lives. They sense the need for what Vibrational Tuning can offer and willingly participate in the session. Benefits: Reduced pain and discomfort from any long-term illness, Alleviation of pain and stiffness (common in older pets), Assistance in overcoming aggression, fear, anxiety, and other behavioral issues, Improved physical and mental performance in competitive animals such as dogs and horses, Enhanced immune system for better resistance to disease and illness, Accelerated recovery time from surgery or wounds. If you would like to learn more about Vibrational Tuning sessions for animals, please contact me at
  • How might I feel after the session?
    While everyone's experience varies, those who undergo Vibrational Tuning sessions often express feeling lighter and more comfortable within their bodies. Some notice immediate changes, while others observe subtler shifts over the following days. You might encounter cleansing symptoms such as fatigue, the need for extra rest, heightened emotions, and a heightened awareness of previously suppressed feelings. Physical manifestations like light-headedness, or dizziness could also arise, typically dissipating within a day or two. To mitigate any discomfort during this cleansing process, it's important to maintain hydration, spend time outdoors barefoot, engage in gentle movement, and consider a 20-30-minute salt bath or foot soak post-session. Following your session, if feasible, allocate time for yourself. Whether it's a leisurely stroll, connecting with nature, journaling, or enjoying a quiet moment at a café, prioritize activities that resonate with you. Stay open-minded and curious about the experiences that may unfold and remember to treat yourself with gentleness and compassion.
  • What is Singing Bowls session like?
    The 75-minute Singing Bowls session starts with a brief introduction (about 5 minutes) to discuss your goals and set your intentions for the treatment. Throughout the 60-minute session, you remain fully clothed on a comfortable mattress. Bowls are placed and played around and/or on your body to enhance both your emotional and physical well-being. By striking the bowls in specific rhythmic patterns, vibrational sound harmonics are created, fostering relaxation, and slowing down the respiratory, brain, and heart rates, inducing a profound sense of well-being. The sound and vibrations produced by Singing Bowls entrain the brain, guiding it into deeper brainwave frequencies conducive to deep meditative states, mental clarity, and relaxation. As the brain waves synchronize with the bowls' vibrations, the sympathetic nervous system is influenced, leading to various outcomes. Results may range from a profound sense of relaxation and relief from physical and/or emotional discomfort to a feeling of lightness as the body releases past issues. The soothing sounds of Singing Bowls possess remarkable efficacy in alleviating stress, fatigue, and numerous other conditions that often disrupt harmony and balance within the body. After the session, around 10 minutes are included for you to integrate the experience. I encourage you to take this time to relax and avoid rushing back into your daily routine. Talking about the experiences or emotions that surfaced during the session can be highly beneficial, as it helps you further integrate the treatment. Please wear comfortable clothes without zippers, buttons, or jewellery. Curious how Singing Bowls distant sessions work? Refer to “What is a Distant Biofield Tuning Session Like?” and “How does Vibrational Tuning works remotely?”
  • What can I expect during a Vibrational Tuning session?
    Vibrational Tuning sessions are known for their deeply relaxing effect. During our session, we'll collaborate to identify and address areas of energetic imbalance within your body's biofield. When I encounter areas of disharmony, I'll use vibrations of tuning forks or singing bowls to help them return to a state of balance. Sometimes, discussing my observations can be helpful, but you're never obligated to share personal details about your past. You control the level of conversation throughout the session. Talking things out can be insightful, but focusing inward on how your body, thoughts, and emotions respond to the vibrations can be equally valuable. Everyone's experience is unique. Some people perceive energy flowing through them, some feel tingling sensations, and others may not experience any physical sensations at all. It's also common for emotions to arise, but they typically pass through quickly and easily. There's no single "correct" way to experience a session.
  • What is Distant Biofield Tuning session like?
    The 75-minute Biofield Tuning Distant session begins with a brief 5-minute introduction (camera on) to discuss your goals and establish intentions for the treatment. Subsequently, we transition to an audio connection (cameras off) for the session itself (60 minutes). You can comfortably rest in your bed, sofa, or reclined on a chair. Your energetic hologram is placed on my treatment table, and I conduct the session as if you were physically present, starting from the edge of the field and progressing towards your body (for further details, refer to What is a Biofield Tuning Session Like). Following the session, we reconvene for about 10 minutes with cameras on for closure and integration. Distance/remote sessions yield results equivalent to in-person sessions, making them certainly worth experiencing. You will reap the same benefits as an in-person session. Clients who undergo distance sessions often express astonishment at the depth of sensations experienced during the session and the subsequent feeling of lightness.
  • How often should I receive a session?
    I recommend scheduling at least three sessions within a week of each other, or completing them within one month, to fully experience the impact of Vibrational Tuning. While a single session can be impactful, the cumulative benefits of multiple sessions allow for ongoing processing and integration between sessions. This time between sessions fosters deeper understanding and self-compassion, aiding in the rediscovery of your inner brilliance and the release of what no longer serves you. After completing three sessions, maintaining momentum is highly beneficial. Some clients find great value in scheduling weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly tune-ups, while others prefer to book sessions as needed without adhering to a specific frequency. Ultimately, the choice is yours! You have the autonomy to determine what feels right for you.
  • Cautions & Guidance
    Thank you for your interest in Vibrational Tuning sessions. I encourage you to approach these Sound Therapy methods with curiosity. The following information is provided so that you can make the best decision for your well-being. Please note that there are no extensive studies or research on these methods. This information is based on experiences acquired through many sessions with practitioners. Pacemaker or other implanted medical devices Singing bowls and tuning forks may interfere with the electrical functioning of these devices due to the added vibrational input. No reports of ill effects have been associated with newer pacemakers. Proceed with caution, careful observation, and the advice of your medical professional. Electrical medical implants also include, but are not limited to, Medtronic pumps and neural implants. Metal implants Direct pressure with weighted forks or bowls on these areas may cause discomfort. In these circumstances, consider gentle use of the tuning forks and bowls until you gain a sense of how your body responds. Implants include, but are not limited to, metal rods, screws, and plates. Recent concussions When the brain is swollen, it takes time for inflammation to resolve. The suggestion is to wait at least 3 months after a significant injury for the brain to heal before receiving tuning forks or singing bowls session on or around the head. The rest of the body can receive gentle tuning shortly after the injury occurs. Each case is different – with mild concussions, components of Vibrational Tuning may be used before the 3-month waiting period. Pregnancy During pregnancy, the body expends a tremendous amount of energy; Vibrational Tuning may overwhelm this already overextended system. The body may not have the resources to effectively manage detox systems which may affect both mother and baby. Components of Vibrational Tuning, such as using weighted forks or singing bowls on the body for a short, limited duration, have been used to promote relaxation during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy. Cancer These statements refer to cancer that is active and/or in treatment; not to cancer that is in remission. Once cancer has advanced in the body, detox pathways are often compromised, and the body may have difficulty digesting newly introduced energetic input. The body may not have the resources to effectively manage cleansing symptoms that may result from Vibrational Tuning. Tumors may be irritated by tuning, and as such, it's suggested not to apply forks or bowls directly on them. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact me directly at
  • Rescheduling & Cancellation Policy
    Individual & Group Sessions can be cancelled/rescheduled free of charge up to 24h in advance via the booking system. In case of late cancellation (unless you find an instant replacement), or not appearing, the agreed consultation price will be charged. Please, note that if you cancel your session transaction fee will be applied (amount depends on the chosen payment provider). Packages are valid for limited time (60 or 90 days – depending on the purchased package). During this time, you're free to schedule any Individual Vibrational Tuning Sessions. However, please keep in mind that sessions can only be booked within duration of your package. Any sessions not used during this period won't be refunded. Unused sessions expire 60 or 90 days after purchase. Please, keep in mind that purchased packages can’t be cancelled. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out. I am here to make your tuning experience smooth and harmonious.
  • How does Vibrational Tuning works remotely?
    Vibrational Tuning, particularly in remote sessions, operates on principles that challenge conventional scientific explanation. In these sessions, the client and practitioner can be geographically separated, yet the effects are profound. Conducted via phone or platforms like Zoom, both parties intend for the client's body to be present on the treatment table during the session. The remarkable aspect is that the same bioplasmic patterns observed in person manifest and respond as if physically present. Biofield Tuning's founder, Eileen McKusick, initially doubted remote practice until persuaded to experiment by Dr. Karl Maret. Their first session, with Dr. Maret in California and Eileen in Vermont, revealed astonishing results. Subsequent experiments affirmed that the electromagnetic field's information remains consistent and predictable across distances. The concept of 'aether,' akin to an omnipresent luminous medium, helps elucidate these phenomena. Often referred to by various names such as 'the zero-point field' or 'the source field,' aether facilitates the non-linear transmission of information, transcending physical constraints. In essence, a client's intention and consciousness can be directed to a treatment table remotely, bypassing spatial limitations. Similarly, a Biofield Tuning Practitioner's tuning fork can detect and harmonize vibrational patterns, facilitated by the inter-connective medium of aether. Thus, aether may serve as the missing link in understanding phenomena like remote healing, emphasizing our real-time interconnectedness beyond the boundaries of space.
  • How do I prepare for my first Vibrational Tuning session?
    Approach your first session with an open mind and curiosity. Remain receptive to the transformative benefits that the session may provide. Dress comfortably in attire such as a t-shirt, yoga pants, joggers, or sweatpants (without zippers, buttons, or jewellery for Singing Bowls sessions). To enhance the energy flow, kindly remove your shoes before the session begins. It's advisable to arrive well-hydrated, as water aids in conducting sound.
  • What is SomaEnergetics session like?
    A SomaEnergetics session typically lasts for 75 minutes and begins with a brief introduction (approximately 5 minutes) to discuss your objectives and establish intentions for the treatment. During the 60-minute session, you remain fully clothed on a massage table while I work around your body, within your energy field, and sometimes directly on your body using Solfeggio Tuning Forks. As you listen to the sound, you naturally enter a state of deep relaxation. I focus on the Etheric Body, the first level of your field located approximately 5cm above your physical body. Here, you perceive all physical sensations, both painful and pleasurable. The energy flow, field pulsation, and configuration in this level directly correlate with sensations in your physical body. Pain in your body often signifies dysfunction within this level of the auric field. Employing SomaEnergetics techniques, I facilitate the flow of energy through your body and release blockages in energy centres (chakras). This involves scanning the body with tuning forks to identify and address specific blockages retrieved from the biofield. SomaEnergetics techniques are rooted in body mapping, providing insights into the meaning of energy blockages in various parts of the body. For instance, the solar plexus relates to anger, with the right-side indicating anger towards others and the left-side representing anger towards oneself or a situation. These techniques aid in opening energy centres and elevating your energy level from a state of "survival" to optimum vitality. Throughout the session, I target and clear energy blockages that your body is prepared to release. With the flow of energy restored, you are empowered to embrace new choices and enact the changes you desire in your life. Following the session, approximately 10 minutes are allotted for integration. I encourage you to utilize this time to relax and avoid rushing back into your daily routine. Reflecting on the experiences or emotions that emerged during the session can enhance your integration of the treatment. Curious how SomaEnergetics distant sessions work? Refer to “What is a Distant Biofield Tuning Session Like?” and “How does Vibrational Tuning works remotely?”
  • What is Biofield Tuning?
    Biofield Tuning is based on the premise that the electromagnetic field surrounding our body (aka Biofield/Aura/Energy Field) is connected with our conscious and subconscious mind. The field is like our personal cloud where all our memories, beliefs, states of mind, conditioning, accidents, injuries, and experiences are stored. These experiences can create a dissonance within the field. Using activated tuning forks and Biofield Anatomy Map, I locate places of distortion in the field. The vibrational and sound input helps the body integrate unprocessed experiences and creates coherence in the field. You become more centred and balanced. Your nervous system resets and relaxes, resulting in immediate and sometimes profound relief from pain, tension, and anxiety.
  • What is a Biofield?
    The Biofield, also known as the aura or energy field, is a toroidal, doughnut-shaped bubble that surrounds the human body. It extends approximately 1.5 – 1.8 meters to the sides and about 0.6 - 0.9 meters at the top and bottom. This field is surrounded by a protective double layer, similar to Earth's atmosphere. Biofield Tuning recognizes the Biofield as having a specific structure and function. It's believed to hold our memories encoded as vibrations. Similar to how different brain regions control different functions, specific areas of the Biofield are thought to store corresponding emotional states. For example, sadness might be stored off the left shoulder, while anger is associated with the right side of the solar plexus. Any past traumas are believed to leave an imprint within the field. The Biofield is also considered to hold a timeline of our experiences. As we create memories, they are thought to move outward within the field. Recent events are closest to the body, while earlier memories like those from birth reside further out. Imagine concentric circles around the body, with new experiences rippling outward. In a 40-year-old person, memories from their 20s might be found roughly halfway between the body and the edge of the field. More About The Human Biofield
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